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What are the latest SEO techniques?
Advanced SEO techniques

Accelerate page speed
Build local backlinks
Leverage internal links
Mobile considerations
Semantic SEO
User Experience
Schema markup implementation
Spammy link building
Content optimization
Create branded keywords
Voice search optimization
Local SEO
Update previous content
Important SEO activities

Align Your Content with Search Intent
Leverage Primary Keywords
Write Compelling Title Tags and Meta Descriptions
Optimize Your Images
Optimize Your Site's Page Loading Speed
Build an Internal Linking Structure
Improve User Experience
On page SEO techniques

Meta description
Internal linking
External linking
404 error page
301 Redirection
Alt text
Content optimization
URL optimization
Site speed
Write SEO content
Add schema
Focus on user experience
Create Unique content

Improve Site Structure
Gain Links to Your Site
Optimize Website Level Factors
Optimize On-page SEO
Create High-Quality Content
Check Search Intent and Match Your Content to It
Do SERP Analysis
Choose Relevant Keywords
Important SEO activities

Use Keywords In The Right Places
Keep Users On Your Site Longer
Find "Suggest" Keywords
Delete Zombie Pages
Do An Industry Study
Add Related Keywords to Your Content
Add Text to Infographics, Podcasts and Videos
Update Old Pages

Google / Re: How to rank fast on Google?
March 16, 2024, 04:06:25 PM
There are lot of methods increase Google ranking.

Content posting
Forum profile creation
Article submission
Bookmarking submission
Directory submission
Classified submission
Images sharing
Video sharing
On page seo techniques

Meta description
URL structure
Internal linking
Add external links
Create original and helpful content
Image Optimization
Site Speed
Guest Blog Post
Broken Link Building
Shareable Content
Social Media Profiles
Google / Re: On-page optimization
March 02, 2024, 04:42:38 PM
On page optimization

Meta description
URL structure
Internal linking
404 error page
301 redirection
Heading tags
Best Keyword research tools are

Moz Keyword Explorer
Google Trends
Google Search Console
Keyword Surfer
Quality backlinks
Improve site speed
Local SEO
Optimizing voice search
Refresh existing content
User experience
Featured snippets
Long-tail keywords
Optimize images
Quality content
Create content
Include schema markup
Google Search Console
Guest blogging
Search Engine optimization / Re: Important SEO activities
February 16, 2024, 03:43:17 PM
SEO is one of the most important things you can do for your website. By optimizing your website for search engines, you can improve your website's visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). This can result in increased traffic and potential customers.

On page activities and they are:-

Redirects:- Fixed www and non-www versions. Pages with 301 and 302 redirect. Duplicate HTTP and HTTPS versions. Pages with rel="canonical".
URLs:- Dynamic URLs and Too Long URLs.
Links:- Broken Links and Pages with an excessive number of links.
Encoding and Technical Factors:- Mobile Friendly. Pages with W3C errors and warnings. Pages with duplicate rel=" canonical".
Indexing and Crawlability:- 404 Page set up correctly. Robots.txt File and .XML sitemap. Pages restricted from indexing. Pages with a 4xx status code and Pages with the 5xx status code.
On Page:- Title Tags. Duplicate Titles. Check too long titles. Meta Description. Duplicate Meta Description. Check too long meta description.
Below are the OFF page activities and they are:-

Business Directory Submission
Social Bookmarking
Document Sharing
Video Sharing
Web 2.0 (Medium – a place to read and write big ideas and important stories or Sign up | Tumblr)
Quora (Question and Answer)
Profile Creation
Create a link(Competitor)
Guest Blogging
Social Media (if any)
Local SEO (if any)
Which is the most important area to include your keywords?
What is the best SEO strategy for 2024?
Important SEO activates are

Internal linking
Improve title tags
Optimize images
Map keywords
Build backlinks
Improve user experience
PageSpeed Insights
Use alt tags
Ecommerce SEO

Important SEO activities

Internal linking
Site speed
Images Optimization
Google search console
On-page SEO factors
Internal links
Meta description
Image optimization
Title tag
Most Important Google ranking factors

1. Backlinks
2. Anchor text
3. Topical authority
4. Technical SEO
5. Content depth
6. Page speed
8. Mobile-friendliness
9. User experience
Google / Re: How to rank fast on Google?
December 27, 2023, 05:24:49 PM
Keyword Research:Target low-competition keywords
Quality Content:Create valuable, well-researched content.
On-Page SEO:Optimize content and structure.
Page Speed:Improve website loading speed.
Mobile Optimization:Ensure mobile friendliness.
Backlinks:Build high-quality backlinks.