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VestaCP Server Compromised - Upgrade your VestCPvestacpKailash0284
[phpMyAdmin] Critical XSRF/CSRF Vulnerability - PMASA-2017-9phpmyadminKailash0908
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Advice on RAID setupraidChris1923
cPanel backup issuecpanelChris61539
cPanel TSR-2017-0002 Full DisclosurecpanelKailash0824
cPanel TSR-2017-0002 AnnouncementsecurityKailash0969
cPanel TSR-2017-0002 AnnouncementcpanelKailash0969
WordPress 4.7.3 Security and Maintenance ReleasewordpressKailash1996
Point GoDaddy domain to Amazon EC2 serveramazon ec2Kevin11387
Point GoDaddy domain to Amazon EC2 servergodaddyKevin11387
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check Apache version through command lineapacheKailash013545
command to edit/remove cron job (crontab) on Linux servercron jobKailash791564
command to edit/remove cron job (crontab) on Linux servercronjobKailash791564
command to edit/remove cron job (crontab) on Linux servercrontabKailash791564
ddos protected serverddosStayHere41350
check PHP and MySQL version through shell (SSH) on Linux ServersshKailash966023

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