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HummingBot has revolutionized the way trading bots were deployed at a professional scale. Ease of use and Host of value-added features added to the platform gives hummingbot an incredible edge over its competitors. For the users to make optimum use of the HummingBot platform, requires a well-configured server and stable internet connection.

Three factors that currently limit users potential to gain fabulous results on hummingBot are:

  • Lack of computing power
  • Stable connectivity
  • Expertise in setup and deployment of Hummingbot

IndSoft System now offers an excellent opportunity for all users who are looking at the deployment of HummingBot on a professional scale. We offer a pre-installed, preconfigured hummingbot cloud.  With this IndSoft Systems has now opened the power of HummingBot to a whole set of users who were not proficient in installation and management of computing infra for bot operations. 

To setup Hummingbot Cloud with IndSoft Systems and skip tedious installation and just start with market making bot strategy,
Order @ https://www.indsoft.info/my/cart.php?a=add&pid=414
Choose the option from the monthly or yearly payment
(You get a 12-month cloud by paying for 11 months)
Select PayPal as your default payment option.

Once your HummingBot instance is set up, you will receive an Access credential over email. Please ensure that you store all access details safely.

Access Pre-Installed Hummingbot setup

After the Hummingbot instance has been set up, You can log in and set up market-making strategies. To run a humming bot you need to have an active trading account in exchanges like Bitfinex, Bittrex, Binance, Liquid, etc, You would have to link your API Security key to be configured with the Hummingbot. 

Just order an instance with IndSoft Systems, set up your Trading account API and add strategy and go live  !!

Reference External site to set up a market-making strategy :

Setup XDC:USD and XDC:USDT Automatic Market Making bot With Bitfinex Trading account using Hummingbot connector.

About HummingBot: Hummingbot is open-source software that lets you build and run customizable trading strategies. Automate your cryptocurrency trading on centralized exchanges and decentralized protocols.

About IndSoft.net: IndSoft is a leader in specialized cloud services. IndSoft Systems specializes in providing cloud hosting of preconfigured products. See more products at www.IndSoft.net
Follow social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium to get an update on new offers and products

Disclaimer: This information is for Educational and Informational Purpose Only. Nothing on this blog constitutes investment advice, performance data, or any recommendation that any security, crypto, portfolio of securities, investment product, transaction, or investment strategy is suitable for any specific person. Crypto trading involves high levels of risk, it's suggested that users get adequate information before investing.
Pandemic has taught businesses that they should have an online strategy. Being Online was the sole reason where many businesses were able to survive and flourish during the lockdown. With online business gaining importance, more and more business are now moving their business to Virtual Private Server from virtual/shared hosting plans, Where you shared resources with 100s of other websites. Shared resources on virtual hosting are often the main culprit for slow website loading, Which results in loss of business and customers online.

With a website being the center of strategy for online business, it is always ideal for taking proper due diligence before selecting one.

Points to inquire before selecting a hosting partner:

1. What kind of Server Hardware Deployed?

It is vital to have full disclosure around the type of server that would host your website/application, their capacity, and scalability features. Most users make the common mistake of comparing the provider based on the price when devils are hidden in details. Have a good idea about the server can help you compare providers.

2. What levels of Securities Do they Offer?

Security is the most important concern that any online business has. Being with the secured host guarantees less downtime and enhanced security for the business. It's important to know the kind of security firewalls implemented, Antivirus deployed, security updates routines adopted, and the monitoring policies adopted by the host.

3. How easy is it to Upgrade/Downgrade Hosting Plans?

Flexible Payment plans based on resource utilization can help businesses predict peaks in demand – Seasonal Offer, Promotional Plan, for example, sometimes it is known there is a surge when it's happening. The host should allow total flexibility for the account in such surge and must reply quickly, will they be able to keep you on your chosen infrastructure, and how will they charge you for scaling?

4. Customer Support provided?

The 365 days support via email, ticket, and chat can be a lifesaver in cases of failures and downtime. The provider should also offer support across multiple channels so that the one that works, rather than the one that suits them.

5. Server Management is included?

Most service providers offer Virtual Private Server only, While some providers bundle it with managed services. If you are looking at a good service, we suggest that you are opt-in for a provider that offers VPS + Managed Services that includes proactive monitoring, patch management. These will ensure that your server is guarded well against threats. How proactively do they respond to any threats and downtime issues?

6. What kind of backup options provided?

With so many viruses and malware attacks, It has been evident that having a backup is of critical importance for the enterprise. It is important to inquire about the intensity and frequency of backups taken. Having the right backup can be used to restore data rapidly in the case of an onsite catastrophe, which is vital for mission-critical websites.

7. Billing Policies

Various providers follow different payment policies, a Flat Monthly Fee, or by capacity used. There is quite a bit of information stored in Fair Usage Policies. It is advisable to review the Fair Usage Policies and Terms of Service, and many have straight billing plans, some implement penalties for excessive resource usage.

According to Ken Dsouza, Sr. Manager IndSoft Systems (https://indsoft.net) has always aimed to be a trusted Virtual Private Server (VPS) for its clients. With more than 15+ years of experience in hosting services including cloud, dedicated server, virtual private servers Rated as one the Top in customer satisfaction in the website like Trust Pilot, HostAdvice, Google Reviews, IndSoft works as an extension of client DevOps team. Also, ensure we are always present for the client in case of any issues. The expertise helps to handle the complexities of hosting but go beyond them, so the partners can focus on growing their own business.