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Google / Re: Content vs Backlinks
« Last post by JesicaJoh on February 15, 2019, 09:17:07 PM »
Ok, Got It, Thanks for replying the valuable information.
Google / Re: About Google+
« Last post by AradyaGD on February 15, 2019, 06:05:42 PM »
As all of us know Google+ is kind of Social Media where we can reach a vast area worldwide easily and it is being updated from the April-2019
Fast Offshore Hosting

LibertyVPS is commited to protect your data, privacy and provide you with high quality hosting. We offer KVM VPS that have the option to run Linux and Windows, we only use high quality hardware and high speed gigabit connections. All our VPS come with secured storage, high bandwidth limits and dedicated RAM. We accept Bitcoin as one of our many payment methods for our bitcoin vps. Bitcoin is the best and easiest way to pay online and is fully anonymous to keep your privacy. All Bitcoin payments are processed automatically via BitPay and will be credited once the payment has been made.

LibertyVPS offshore VPS are great for running websites, game servers, bitcoin wallets, email servers, file servers, and much more. All our Linux servers come with a wide variety of OS templates you can choose from to install and all the resources are dedicated. The best choice for beginners or professionals, is LibertyVPS offshore VPS. Our offshore VPS are located in our NL datacenter. Our datacenter is secured and located offshore for the best privacy and security. You can use your server to host websites, download files and more! We use the Ecatel Datacenter, located in Amsterdam. Ecatel uses the best networking equipment, hardware and transit providers. All bandwidth is premium bandwidth that results in very low ping and very fast speeds.

SPECIAL OFFER: 30% off in first month
Coupon Code: I4JS661YNK

Check out OUR OFFSHORE Linux VPS Hosting Packages:

Bronze VPS plan
CPU Cores - 1 Core
Dedicated RAM - 1 GB
Disk Space - 25 GB
Monthly Bandwidth - 2 TB
Virtualization - Linux KVM
ORDER NOW - $19.99/month

Silver VPS plan
CPU Cores - 2 Cores
Dedicated RAM - 2 GB
Disk Space - 50 GB
Monthly Bandwidth - 4 TB
Virtualization - Linux KVM
ORDER NOW - $39.99/month

Gold VPS plan
CPU Cores - 4 Cores
Dedicated RAM - 3 GB
Disk Space - 75 GB
Monthly Bandwidth - 8 TB
Virtualization - Linux KVM
ORDER NOW - $59.99/month

Platinum VPS plan
CPU Cores - 8 Cores
Dedicated RAM - 4 GB
Disk Space - 100 GB
Monthly Bandwidth - 10 TB
Virtualization - Linux KVM
ORDER NOW - $79.99/month

Payment Methods
You can order our VPS using the following payment methods: PayPal, Bitcoin (Anonymous Shared Wallet), Perfect Money, OKPAY. If you require other payment method, we are flexible! Feel free to contact us!

Support / Contact
You can contact us at our ticketing system, or click here to use our contact form!

Terms of Service
We do not allow: Illegal Pornography, DDoS / DoS, Malware, SPAM / Phishing, Terrorism.
DigitalServer.com.mx is leading web hosting provider in Mexico now offering powerful dedicated services, secure SSL Certificates. You will receive super fast hosting along with real Mexican Ips as well as helpful professional customer and tech support team who work 24/7.

Our team offer nice Certificados SSL en Mexico, check out our Secure SSL Certificates:

==>> Comodo Positive SSL Certificate:
Validación de Dominio
Soporte con www y sin www al mismo tiempo
Emisión en 5 Minutos
$10,000 USD de Seguro
Re-emision sin costo
Sello Estático
ORDER NOW - $700.00/MXN yearly

==>> Besides, we are happy to offer these SSLs:
 - Rapid SSL
 - Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard
 - Rapid SSL Wildcard
 - Geotrust Quick SSL Premium
 - Geotrust True BusinessID
 - Symantec Secure Site
 - Geotrust True BusinessID Wildcard

FOR MORE Details, follow this LINK: https://www.digitalserver.com.mx/certificados-ssl.shtml

We are happy to announce our NEW Servidores Dedicados!!!

Servidores Dedicados Premium
Super servers for applications and websites

Premium Servidores Dedicados under linux or Windows, DigitalServer atmosphere, offers you a range of low-cost servers with 100% internet connectivity and Premium support. If you wish to have autonomy and full access to your server, dedicated servers in Mexico are an excellent choice and opportunity, as the existence is limited.

Servidor Dedicado DSM-1
Processor - Intel C2350 2 Cores a 1.70GHz
RAM - 4 GB
Serial ATA hard drive - 1 TB
Including IP´s - 1 IP Fija
Uptime 100%
Rent monthly    $1,850.00 MXN

Servidor Dedicado DSM-2
Processor - Intel C2750 8 Cores a 2.40GHz
RAM - 16 GB
Serial ATA hard drive    1 TB
Including IP´s    2
Uptime 100%
Rent monthly    $2,250.00 MXN

Servidor Dedicado DSM-3
Processor - Intel Xeon W3520 4 Cores a 2.66+ Ghz
RAM - 32 GB
Serial ATA hard drive - 2x2 TB en Raid 1
Including IP´s - 2 IPs Fijas
Uptime 100%
Rent monthly    $2,495.00 MXN

Take a look at Digitalserver.com.mx Servidores Dedicados en México:

Servidor Dedicado en México DS-1A
Processor - Intel Core i3/Core 2 Duo 3.06 Ghz + 4 MB Cache
RAM - 4 GB
Serial ATA hard drive - 1 TB
Including IP´s - 1 IP Fija Mexicana
Uptime 100%
Rent monthly    $3,450.00 MXN

Servidor Dedicado en México DS-2B
Processor - Intel Single Xeon E3110 3.0ghz L2 cache 6MB
RAM - 6 GB
Serial ATA hard drive - 1 TB
Including IP´s - 1 IP Fija Mexicana
Uptime 100%
Rent monthly    $4,640.00 MXN

Servidor Dedicado en México DS-3C
Processor - Intel Core2Quad Yorkfield 2.83GHZ 12Mb L2 Cache
RAM - 8 GB
Serial ATA hard drive - 1 TB
Including IP´s - 1 IP Fija Mexicana
Uptime 100%
Rent monthly    $5,795.00 MXN

We are accepting PaymentWall as method of payment: https://www.paymentwall.com/
And payments from 192 countries, some of that are local payments.

If you have any question  -  feel free to contact our sales team!
Web Hosting Offers / Solid and decent kvchosting.net with quality support.
« Last post by KVChosting_ on February 15, 2019, 12:57:18 PM »
KVC Hosting was started in 2010 with the sole purpose of creating a host company that was affordable to all. Since its inception, the company has had steady growth due to our practical business model, so much so that we've increased the size of our data center in order to meet the demands of our clients. Putting customers first is what drives us, and this has led to us winning multiple awards for providing quality technology at a great price. We focus on providing cost-effective web hosting solutions, and our extensive experience in the industry assures that you will receive high quality and economical web hosting options that can be customized to suit your needs. We are proud of the trust that our partners and customers have placed in us and welcome all to give our company a try.
Be in charge of your own Virtual Private Server (VPS Hosting)! It will work just as if you have your own machine.

Our virtual private servers are affordable and powerful, offering you your own mail server and greater security control. SSD VPS Hosting is a great fit for businesses that are anticipating quick growth, huge website traffic, or who run highly dynamic, interactive websites.


Enterprise Cloud SSD VPS
100 GB SSD RAID 10
4 CPU XEON@ 2.13 GHz (8.52GHz)
6 TB Premium Bandwidth

300 GB SSD RAID 10
8 CPU XEON@ 2.13 GHz (17.0GHz)
22 TB Premium Bandwidth


Disk Space - 75 GB
Bandwidth - 200 GB
RAM - 4 GB

Disk Space - 225 GB
Bandwidth - 3 TB
RAM - 10 GB

Have a question?
Please feel free to contact us: sales at kvchosting.net
VPS Hosting / Re: xtremededi.com vs hosting.uk
« Last post by Gerich on February 14, 2019, 10:33:51 PM »
Check out plans from libertyvps.net and hostround.com as they are the best.
Great value, good servers and helpful support.
Dedicated Server Hosting / Re: Which server is the best for me?
« Last post by Gerich on February 14, 2019, 09:53:22 PM »
Servers from hostsailor.com and xtremededi.com are worth trying.
 The support is available around the clock and the staff provide courteous and helpful assistance with anything from technical difficulties. The billing details make it easy to keep track of spending too.
VPS Hosting / Re: libertyvps.net vs xeref.com
« Last post by Gerich on February 14, 2019, 08:38:38 PM »
I'd recommend you to use VPS accounts from kvchosting.net and legionbox.com as they are proven to be the best.
Their services and up-time as the price offered for hosting are damn cheap. Believe it or not their services are tremendous.
The support is great and everyone is very helpful.

RDP VPS Sale @ Veeble Hosting -
Flat 25% OFF


Starting from $11.25 per month
Unmetered 100/1000 Mbps bandwidth
FREE Basic Management on all Plans
Windows server 2003, 2008 R2, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019 available
No additional charge for Operating System
Administrator access
Dedicated Resources
Smart Control Panel with Shutdown, Boot, Reboot, Re-install and console access.
Instant Setup
UK/US located servers
RAID-10 Protected Solid State Drives

Use Promo Code DEAL2018M at checkout to avail the discounted pricing.

Order these plans here http://www.veeble.org/vps/windows


We accept the following payment methods

All Major International Credit Cards
Advanced Cash
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple
All Indian Credit/Debit cards and Netbanking
Local Bank transfer in US, UK and Germany
Wire/Swift Transfer

Know more about the payment methods here - https://www.veeble.org/how-to-pay


Our Support

We tirelessly work around the clock to ensure top notch support and a wonderful customer experience.
You can contact us through

Email/tickets (24x7)
Live Chat (24x7)


Connect with us through social networks

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+VeebleOrg
Twitter: www.twitter.com/veeble
Facebook: www.facebook.com/veeble
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/veeble

If you have any questions please log on to http://veeble.org/support
Germany Dedicated Servers:

Okayservers features an uptime of 99.9% and delivers exactly as promised  within 24 hours, We provide the best security options for large  businesses as well. You want to ensure that your important data is  protected. We run hardware based firewalls to protect your server from  cyber-attacks.


- Germany Datacenter, Frankfurt
- No setup fees
- Delivered in 12 to 24 Hours
- Anti-DDoS included
- Unlimited traffic
- Fast customer service
- 90 pre-installed OS
- Free and Unlimited Hard Reboots and Re-installs
- 500 Mbps bandwidth (Burst 1 Gbps*) Unlimited
- FREE reboots and OS reinstalls

- Germany Dedicated Server

- Intel                    Xeon E3-1230v6 CPU
- 4c/8t -                   3.5GHz     /3.9GHz     
- 16GB DDR4 ECC 2400 MHz
- Disk SoftRaid 2x4TB SATA
- Powerful DDos Protection
- 90+ Operating Systems
- Full Root Access
- 500 Mbps bandwidth (Burst 1 Gbps*) Unlimited
- vRack: Included - 1 Gbps
- Germany Datacenter: 159.99$/mo. Order Now

- Intel                    Xeon E3-1230v6 CPU
- 4c/8t -                   3.5GHz     /3.9GHz     
- 16GB DDR4 ECC 2400 MHz
- Disk SoftRaid 2x450GB NVMe
- Powerful DDos Protection
- 90+ Operating Systems
- Full Root Access
- 500 Mbps bandwidth (Burst 1 Gbps*) Unlimited
- vRack: Included - 1 Gbps
- Germany Datacenter: 179.99$/mo. Order Now

Payment Gateways:

- Paypal
- Skrill
- Perfectmoney
- Credit Cards (2CO)
- Webmoney
- Bitcoin (14 crypto currencies accepted - Bitcoin, LiteCoin,  Ether, Bitcoin Cash, BlackCoin, DogeCoin, Decred, DigiByte, Ether Classic, Komodo, PotCoin, Qtum, Vertcoin, Monero)
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