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KVC Hosting was started in 2010 with the sole purpose of creating a host company that was affordable to all. Since its inception, the company has had steady growth due to our practical business model, so much so that we've increased the size of our data center in order to meet the demands of our clients. Putting customers first is what drives us, and this has led to us winning multiple awards for providing quality technology at a great price. We focus on providing cost-effective web hosting solutions, and our extensive experience in the industry assures that you will receive high quality and economical web hosting options that can be customized to suit your needs. We are proud of the trust that our partners and customers have placed in us and welcome all to give our company a try.
Be in charge of your own Virtual Private Server (VPS Hosting)! It will work just as if you have your own machine.

Our virtual private servers are affordable and powerful, offering you your own mail server and greater security control. SSD VPS Hosting is a great fit for businesses that are anticipating quick growth, huge website traffic, or who run highly dynamic, interactive websites.


Enterprise Cloud SSD VPS
100 GB SSD RAID 10
4 CPU XEON@ 2.13 GHz (8.52GHz)
6 TB Premium Bandwidth

300 GB SSD RAID 10
8 CPU XEON@ 2.13 GHz (17.0GHz)
22 TB Premium Bandwidth


Disk Space - 75 GB
Bandwidth - 200 GB
RAM - 4 GB

Disk Space - 225 GB
Bandwidth - 3 TB
RAM - 10 GB

Have a question?
Please feel free to contact us: sales at kvchosting.net
VPS Hosting / Re: Which VPS is better to select?
« Last post by Gerich on January 16, 2019, 09:20:44 PM »
VPS accounts from hostingsource.com and hosting.uk are solid and trustworthy to have a deal with.
Besides their low prices and constant solidity, I must emphasize the astounding speed and precision of their Technical Support... they answer within the hour and always provide a solution!
Dedicated Server Hosting / Re: Server which is reliable and stable
« Last post by Gerich on January 16, 2019, 08:31:14 PM »
 I want to say that kvchosting.net and hostsailor.com companies are respectable and trustworthy.
They provide timely support and a good hosting which is very reliable.

10 Years of Delivering Excellent Hosting Services!

We at EURO-SPACE serve people since 2007 and we know how to deliver Powerful, Fast and Reliable Dedicated Servers with the Superior Support.
Check Trustpilot to find out what our customers say about us.

Our servers are powered with multiple Hexa-Core Intel processors and gigabytes of ECC RAM will be completely dedicated to your account. It can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including gaming, virtual (i.e., shared) hosting, hosting of traffic-intensive Web sites and running your own online business.
All prices are final, no setup or hidden fees, no minimum term contracts, month-to-month subscription payments, anytime cancellation!
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
EURO-SPACE Dedicated Server Features:

✦ ISO accredited datacenter in Maidenhead, UK
✦ High Quality Supermicro servers
✦ 100% Network uptime SLA guarantee
✦ 24x7 Technical support
✦ FREE dedicated IP addresses
✦ Pure SSD drives with RAID
✦ Root/Admin Access
✦ 10TB premium bandwith
✦ FREE Enom domain reseller account
✦ WHM/Cpanel VPS control panel (addon)
✦ Choice of OS: CentOS, Debian, Fedora, SUSE, Ubuntu, Scientific Linux, Slackware
✦ Firewalls available
✦ KVM Access for the remote management

Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

✅ EURO Server X1 - €59.95 / mo.

  • Intel Xeon E3-1230 CPU
  • 4 Cores, 8M Cache, 3.2GHZ
  • 2 X 240GB SSD Drive
  • RAID Controller
  • 32 GB ECC RAM
  • 10 TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 5 Dedicated IP Addresses
  • 100% Network Uptime
  • 24x7 Superior Support
  • See Plans and Signup
EURO Server X2 - €119.95 - 20% €95.99 / mo.

  • Intel Xeon E5-2430 CPU
  • 6 Cores, 15M Cache, 2.2 GHZ
  • 4 X 240GB SSD Drive
  • RAID Controller
  • 32 GB ECC RAM
  • 10 TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 5 Dedicated IP Addresses
  • 100% Network Uptime
  • 24x7 Superior Support
  • See Plans And Signup
EURO Server X3 - €139.95 / mo.

  • Intel Xeon E3-1270v6 CPU
  • 4 Cores, 8M Cache, 3.8GHZ
  • 4 X 240GB SSD Drive
  • RAID Controller
  • 64 GB ECC RAM
  • 10 TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 5 Dedicated IP Addresses
  • 100% Network Uptime
  • 24x7 Superior Support
  • See Plans And Signup
EURO Server X4 - €159.95 / mo.

  • Intel Xeon Dual E5-2430 CPU
  • 12 Cores, 15M Cache, 2.2GHZ
  • 4 X 240GB SSD Drive
  • RAID Controller
  • 64 GB ECC RAM
  • 10 TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 5 Dedicated IP Addresses
  • 100% Network Uptime
  • 24x7 Superior Support
  • See Plans And Signup
VPS Addons available:

+ (€3.99) additional IP address
+ (€25.99) WHM/cPanel control panel official licence
+ Other addons available on the website


✱ Do you allow adult content?
YES, we allow legal adult content

✱ Do you allow Torrents, IRC's, VPN's, and Proxies?
Yes, for now, but this may change if we begin to see abuse.

✱ What locations are available?
Our datacenters are located in the UK, Maidenhead datacenter. We are happy to accommodate any location but do not advertise them as available, they may not be without delays for new equipment. Depending on demand we tend to stock various areas faster than others.

✱ I am currently with a reseller provider and want to offer reseller accounts. Can I create reseller accounts with a dedicated server?
Yes you can. You will get root access and adding software such as cPanel/WHM makes those tasks much simplier. With cPanel you can create WHM reseller accounts and easily manage them.

✱ Do you offer an uptime guarantee?
Yes we offer a 100% uptime SLA guarantee on the network. As long as you can reach the network and the server, we have done our part. What goes inside your server is up to you.


We have been in this industry since 2007 and we know how is best to run successful business together with our customers. We put the client first in everything we do from tightly controlled and monitored machines to overall network performance. We manage our fastest SuperMicro servers in our ISO accredited UK datacenter designed to be the best in speed and reliability. With us, you never have to worry about your online presence, as we take care of it for you.


Our key factor is a quality. We are fully concentrated to provide the best quality products and services on the competitive market. We're always looking for things we can improve, upgrade and add, to provide you the best and above the expectation.
By being our customer, you have the opportunity to launch your online business without hassle, as we take care on hardware, software and other server technical aspects, as well as provide you the professional 24x7 customer support.

We don't want price to stand in the way of your new online venture and so, we can always provide the best custom solutions, which fits your budget and business needs.

Our in-house support team is available anytime you need a help. By phone, by chat or by support form, our web hosting experts are here to help you every step of the way.


We do not have the millions-strong customer base, but here are hundreds of them already trusting us, as we do our best to deliver a cost-effective hosting solutions oriented on the quality. This includes fast & professional customer support, serious business attitude to our clients and industry leading technologies delivering best solutions for your business.


Check Trustpilot to find out what our customers say about us and to evaluate our services. Visit our website at www.euro-space.net to signup or receive additional information, you'll have up to 15 days to use our hosting services and if not satisfied, you can request your money back, without questions asked!

Sign up now @ https://www.euro-space.net/

What is the difference between content syndication and guest posting?
At ASPnix, you’re family. And we know how to treat our family. Our dedication to our customers means they are our priority, giving you the latest technological advancements, a 24/7 customer service network, and community forums to discuss technology, feedback, and general conversation. We care what you have to say and want to hear it. Welcome to the family.

We are pleased to announce our new Virtual Cloud Server plans that will allow our customers more flexibility in building the exact virtual server that is required. No more pre-built plans that are not flexible, no more having to pay for 100s of GB of space when all you needed was more RAM. Pay only for what you need!

Our new cloud platform is powered by Samsung Data-Center class SSD drives for maximum speed, over 1,000,000 IOPS performance!
Powerful Intel Xeon processors up to 16 cores, and DDR4 memory up to 32GB! Our new platform starts at $20 per month for a Windows VPS!

Those that love Linux can now enjoy it on our Hyper-V cloud platform as well!
CentOS, Fedora Server, Red Hat, Ubuntu Server and Debian are all now supported! Get started with a Linux VPS today for only $10 per month.

Customers who are interested in starting their own hosting company or just want to make managing their Linux server a little easier can purchase our cPanel Control Panel addon.

For more information about our new VPS plans visithttps://www.aspnix.com/servers/virtual-cloud-servers/

Now is a perfect time to purchase a VPS and start hosting your own web site, database, point-of-sale system and much more! Customers all around the world trust their Virtual Cloud Server operations to us and our growing and expanding network! So why not give our new Virtual Server plans a try, and see how a VPS can benefit you today!

If you have any questions, please review our product knowledgebase if you are still not able to find your answer, please contact our support team.

Thank you for choosing ASPnix Solutions!
CanSpace Solutions is Canada's leading provider of hosting services. Our VPS plans are 100% Canadian, and fully managed solutions - we handle the administration of your server, so you can focus on your business. CanSpace Solutions is a CIRA certified provider - certified annually by the Government of Canada, and we have been in the hosting business for over 10 years. Our head office is located here in Canada. Our datacentres, along with all of our servers, are located in Canada. All our employees are here in Canada, and we only bill in Canadian dollars. We are the leading Canadian .ca domain registrar. We are trusted by Canada's largest companies and organizations. In case you haven't guessed it yet, CanSpace is a very proudly Canadian company - just like your own.

VPS Features:
  • Full root access - you have full control to customize your hosting server as you like
  • Always up to date - our Canadian technicians make sure that your VPS server software is updated on a nightly basis
  • cPanel and WHM included. The hosting industry-leading control panel is included free of charge ($22/month value)
  • All servers are located in Canada, on Canadian IP addresses
VPS solutions from CanSpace are fully managed - leave the technical hosting work to us while you build your business. We handle all aspects of VPS hosting server administration, including backups, server security, updates, and general maintenance. Server administration is a full-time job and requires around-the-clock staff - leave that up to us while you focus on your website!
Check out Cansapce.ca Fully Managed Canadian VPS Hosting packages:

VPS-25 Hosting Plan
    25GB SSD Disk Space
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    1 vCore
    6GB RAM
    Fully Managed
Price - $89.99/mo [ORDER NOW]

VPS-50 Hosting Plan
    50GB SSD Disk Space
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    2 vCore
    12GB RAM
    Fully Managed
Price - $139.99/mo [ORDER NOW]

VPS-100 Hosting Plan
    100GB SSD Disk Space
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    4 vCore
    24GB RAM
    Fully Managed
Price - $179.99/mo [ORDER NOW]

Additional Upgrades!
Available for purchase during the checkout process. Dedicated IP addresses can be added at any time.
Additional 50GB Disk Space            $19.99 / month
Additional 100GB Disk Space    $34.99 / month
Additional 200GB Disk Space    $54.99 / month
Additional 500GB Disk Space    $99.99 / month
Additional Dedicated IP            $3.00 / month

Additional Features:
  • Backed up nightly. Our VPS hosting management team takes care of your VPS hosting backups and can restore server accounts at any time
  • Free migration services - we can migrate your existing cPanel accounts over at no charge
  • Reboot/restart access so that you can remotely reboot your hosting server if necessary
  • Clean IP addresses - your VPS hosting server is provisioned on to Canadian IP addresses that are not present on any blacklists
Performance and Security Features:
  • VPS Servers fully hardened with CSF and LFD firewalls, as well as high-level Web Application Firewall.
  • Your server is monitored 24/7 by our Canadian security team for any hack attempts.
  • DDoS-free datacentre. Unlike other VPS hosting providers we protect you from DDoS attacks and will never disable a VPS hosting server because of a DDoS attack.
  • SSD drives with RAID-10, for redundancy, reliability, and lightning fast performance
Why Choose Canspace Service?
1) Powered by Green Energy - All servers from CanSpace are powered by entirely by 100% Canadian-generated green energy. Power comes directly from the Beauharnois hydroelectric generating station in Quebec.
2) High-Speed Network - We have over 7.5 Tbps of network capacity available in our datacentre to support our customers. We have multiple backbone bandwidth carriers, redundant storage, and our entire infrastructure is fully redundant at multiple levels.
3) High availability infrastructure - All CanSpace hosting services include protection against all types of DDoS attacks. A 160 Gbps anti-DDoS infrastructure has been set up in our datacentre to mitigate up to 480 Gbps of traffic, 24/7.
4) Data Security - All data with CanSpace is always stored within Canadian borders, and subject only to Canadian law. We do not store any data in the United States or elsewhere. Your data is not subject to foreign court-orders or to DMCA takedown requests, and no extra-national entity will ever have access to your data. This is a requirement for many of our Canadian-government clients and we service all our clients with these same advantages.

1) High VPS Performance - Drastically faster than shared hosting plans, all VPS hosting solutions come with dedicated resources that are available to only your server.
2) Fully Managed - Focus on building your site and let us handle the technical hosting stuff. CanSpace handles all server administration including backups, security, maintainence, and updates.
3) Dynamic VPS Resources - VPS hosting plans are flexible and can be scaled up whenever necessary. As your website grows, so can the resources dedicated to your VPS hosting.
4) WHM & cPanel - Full root access to your hosting server along with access to WHM and cPanel ($22/month value). With root access you are completely free to customize your VPS hosting server as necessary.
5) High Availability - All VPS servers are hosted in our DDoS-free datacentre. Unlike other hosting providers we protect your servers against DDoS attacks instead of simply unplugging them.
6) SSD Drives - Your VPS servers will utilize RAID-10 SSD storage providing the fastest and most reliable hosting storage solution possible, providing lightning fast speeds and full redundancy.

We realize that hosting is about offering superior service, support, and reliability - and that you want to offer your clients the same thing. We treat all of our clients with the same level of service and professionalism - whether they are small startups or large corporations. We're always happy to hear from you! At CanSpace we pride ourselves on our superior customer support. We aim to answer all inquiries within half an hour, although most are answered in less than 10 minutes.

Existing customers can submit a Support Ticket via our Client Area. Our support technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We highly encourage existing customers to use our ticket system so that we can properly track your issue.

TEL: 1-888-99-DOT-CA
E-mail: info@canspace.ca
Like us on Facebook
Our regular tariffs for SSD VPS in the best data centers of the Netherlands:

SSD-VPS-2/1x Xeon 64bit/2 GB RAM/40 GB SSD/ - $6 USD
SSD-VPS-3/1x Xeon 64bit/3 GB RAM/60 GB SSD/ - $9 USD
SSD-VPS-4/1x Xeon 64bit/4 GB RAM/90 GB SSD – $12 USD
SSD-VPS-6/2x Xeon 64bit/6 GB RAM/100 GB SSD –$16 USD
SSD-VPS-8/2x Xeon 64bit/8 GB RAM/150 GB SSD – $24 USD
SSD-VPS-16/4x Xeon 64bit/16 GB RAM/250 GB SSD – $48 USD

In the datacenters of Ukraine and USA:

VPS-2/ 1x Xeon 64bit/ 2 GB RAM/ 50 GB SSD/ 1 Gbit/s shared/ 2 TB - $12   
VPS-3/ 1x Xeon 64bit/ 3 GB RAM/ 75 GB SSD/ 1 Gbit/s shared/ 2 TB - $16   
VPS-4/ 1x Xeon 64bit/ 4 GB RAM/ 100 GB SSD/ 1 Gbit/s shared/2 TB - $21   
VPS-6/ 2x Xeon 64bit/ 6 GB RAM/ 125 GB SSD/ 1 Gbit/s shared/ 2 TB - $29   
VPS-8/ 2x Xeon 64bit/ 8 GB RAM/ 150 GB SSD/ 1 Gbit/s shared/ 2 TB - $37

You can also order HDD VPS in Ukraine or Netherlands:

Linux & FreeBSD only/ 1x Xeon 64bit/ 1GB RAM / 25 GB HDD/1 Gbit/s share   / 2 TB - $8   
STORAGE VPS 100GB/ 1x Xeon 64bit/ 1GB RAM/ 100 GB HDD/1 Gbit/s shared/ 2 TB - $10
STORAGE VPS 200GB/ 1x Xeon 64bit/ 2GB RAM/ 200 GB HDD/1 Gbit/s shared/ 2 TB - $15   
STORAGE VPS 300GB/ 1x Xeon 64bit/ 3GB RAM/ 300 GB HDD/1 Gbit/s shared/ 2 TB - $20   
STORAGE VPS 400GB/ 1x Xeon 64bit/ 4GB RAM/ 400 GB HDD/1 Gbit/s shared/ 2 TB - $25   
STORAGE VPS 600GB/ 2x Xeon 64bit/ 6GB RAM/ 600 GB HDD/1 Gbit/s shared/ 2 TB - $35
STORAGE VPS 800GB/ 2x Xeon 64bit/ 8GB RAM/ 800 GB HDD/1 Gbit/s shared/ 2 TB - $45

Extra IPv4 are also available for 1 $!

Order VPS at our web-site: http://deltahost.com/vps.html


INSIGHT WEB HOSTING proudly announces the NEW YEAR VPS DEALS 2019 on our OpenVZ VPS Hosting and SSD Cloud VPS (KVM) .

INSIGHT TECHNOLOGY is a US Based leader in Development & Hosting industry, having been in this industry since 2010. INSIGHT Technology is a full-service technology solutions provider, providing you with Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Public Cloud Server, Self Managed VPS Hosting, Managed cPanel VPS, Instant Dedicated Servers, Custom Dedicated Servers and Fully Managed Dedicated Server.

Why to Choose Us?
We provides affordable, reliable and high performance cloud server hosting services to the people around the world. We maintain a stable hosting environment, serving clients with dedicated team for technical and sales/billing support.

"Come to check our service & discover the difference."

Are you looking for high performance business-ready public cloud server? Need dedicated server resources for your or customer’s hungry applications? Require a multiple location cloud with actual real world performance? Need cloud storage server for remote backup services? Your search would be stop here with the below given high performance cloud servers at very affordable price and quality support.

HURRY UP! Right Now Grab this offer for your Personal or Business use, Before the EXCLUSIVE SALES OFFER Expires!
Our Special Promotions are only for the very limited time and stocks. So, place your order right now and grab the high quality hosting at the very reasonable price.

Our Features:
• Powerful Intel Xeon Processors
• 99.9% Uptime Guranteed
• Premium Teir1 Network @1GBit Port 
• RAID10 SSD or SAN Disk Storage
• Low Latency Multiple DC locations
• Full Root Admin Access

Use Below Given Coupon Codes to Receive Up To 30%  Discounts on All Cloud Server Plans!



▐▌▐▌ Bronze VPS Hosting Plan [INDENT]
* CPU : 1 CPU Core
* Memory: Dedicated 768MB / vSwap: 768MB
* Disk Space: 20GB RAID10 SSD Storage
* Premium Bandwidth: 500GB Monthly
* Free IP: 1 IPv4; 2 IPv6
* Full Control : Root Access
* Server Management: Self-Managed
* DC Location: US/UK/NL
Monthly Price: $15.98/3 months Now Only $11/3 months |

DEPLOY NOW - Bronze VPS Hosting Plan [/INDENT]

▐▌▐▌ Silver VPS Hosting Plan[INDENT]
* CPU : 2 CPU Cores
* Memory: 1GB Dedicated/1GB vSwap
* Disk Space: 50GB RAID10 SSD Storage
* Premium Bandwidth: 1TB Monthly
* Free IP: 1 IPv4; 2 IPv6
* Full Control : Root Access
* Server Management: Self-Managed
* DC Location: US/UK/NL
Monthly Price: $10.9/m Now Only $7/m |

DEPLOY NOW - Silver VPS Hosting Plan [/INDENT]

▐▌▐▌ Gold VPS Hosting Plan [INDENT]
* CPU : 2 CPU Cores
* Memory: 2GB Dedicated/2GB vSwap
* Disk Space: 75GB RAID10 SSD Storage
* Premium Bandwidth: 2TB Monthly
* Free IP: 1 IPv4; 2 IPv6
* Full Control : Root Access
* Server Management: Self-Managed
* DC Location: US/UK/NL
Monthly Price: $19.9/m Now Only $14/m |

DEPLOY NOW - Gold VPS Hosting Plan [/INDENT]

▐▌▐▌ Platinum VPS Hosting Plan [INDENT]
* CPU : 4 CPU Cores
* Memory: 4GB Dedicated/4GB vSwap
* Disk Space: 150GB RAID10 SSD Storage
* Premium Bandwidth: 4TB Monthly
* Free IP: 1 IPv4; 2 IPv6
* Full Control : Root Access
* Server Management: Self-Managed
* DC Location: US/UK/NL
Monthly Price: $39.95/m Now Only $28/m |
DEPLOY NOW - Platinum VPS Hosting Plan [/INDENT]

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where are your DC located?
Our DC is located at  CA/TX/NC, US; UK/NL, Europe

2. Which payment method you are accepting?
We are accepting payment via PayPal, Bitcoin, Debit/Credit Cards.

3. How long it will take to deploy a server?
All cloud servers will be deployed instantly once get the 1st payment.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Visit our website for more information about Self Managed VPS Hosting
Dedicated Server Hosting / Re: Server which is inexpensive and stable
« Last post by Rispotech on January 15, 2019, 02:04:29 PM »
Take a look at digitalserver.com.mx servers in Mexico - they offer the lowest prices they can, while figuring in costs such as reliable equipment, redundant bandwidth, and a highly-trained staff.
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