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wants to establish shared hostng environment in win 2008 r2

Started by utsav, February 27, 2015, 10:58:40 PM

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Hello All,

I am newbie.

I want to establish hosting environment in the Windows server 2008r2 with WbsitePanel and Smartermail 13.x. I am wondering if anybody list the required components like which dotnet frameworks, MVC, compatible version of PHP, mysql & phpmyadmin, mysql connecter and ODBC drivers  compatible with WebsitePanel 1.2.1, etc....... 



Hello Utsav,

Is there any reason to go with WebsitePanel 1.2.1. You should go with at least 2.0 version. All .Net framework/MVC versions are supported. MySQL is supported up to 5.5 in Version 2.0. Latest PHP and PHPMyAmdin should work.

- Kailash


Dear Kailash,

Thanks for your reply.

Actually, I am not sure if the websitepanel 2.0 would work with Server 2008r2. If it would work, then it is ok. If it would not work exactly which version I should use.

I just want to establish the complete shared hosting environment in the server. All Framework and MVC are enough? Could you please list out if any other components are required?


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