| Quality Hosting | $5 for 3 Months
« on: December 22, 2020, 07:55:21 AM »
 :D Good Day Fellow Members :D

LiteMere wants to serve all your hosting needs. We are listing our most basic package, so that you can see the relative Quality and Value in LiteMere plans.

You will be surprised at what you get for $5 Total for 3 Months of Service:

LiteSpeed Server Turbo Hosting
Full cPanel Access
10 GB NVMe Disk Space
40 GB Bandwidth
2 GB Dedicated RAM
2 Dedicated CPU Cores
Free SSL Certificates
We even allow for reasonable adjustments to your resources at no cost, such as more bandwidth!
And much, much, more.

Just in time for Christmas , we are offering Santa's Gift Pack for free if you order before the New Year. Santa's Gift Pack includes:

One year premium membership to
One year S/MIME Personal Authentication Certificate (for signing and encrypting emails/adobe)
Six Months Premium VPNUnlimited Service
$100 Value, Free, included with new hosting purchase.

Just mention Santa's Gift Pack in the order details.