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Looking for a VPS - the right way!

Started by Recordial, June 07, 2021, 06:24:54 PM

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Hello forum, i'm currently using a human managed server, that i always monitor. So i want to look for a VPS solution that will fit my needs.
First of all it will be running 5 websites, 3 with some traffic and 2 of them almost dead.
When i say traffic, i'm talking about a maximum of 300 users browsing some picture galleries (max 150k each picture) on 3 of the websites.
The rest are static HTML pages, noone will manage them.
Question is, do you think that a 2 core processor, 3gb ram, 100 GB SSD will be enough?
Any info on Hostmines.com cloud vps hosting service? Has anybody tried them?

Thank you!


Try VPS plans from hostingsource.com and libertyvps.net.
Very good services and support with low rate are available from them.


Excellent Service. I am happy with Hostmines.com web host. Will do anything they can to try and help fix your problem over the MSN.
Any time I have a question, big or small, I call tech support because I know they will be able to answer the question.


Hostmines.com is an amazing web host provider. Not only do they have great machines with a fast connection and good uptime, but they also have amazing 24x7 customer service via phone, email, and instant messenger. A fantastic user friendly cpanel ,very easy to use. Highly recommend their Managed VPS deals.
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The support from these guys is without comparison. Hostmines.com has been a great host from what I had before.
I can even text a support and get answers pretty quickly. This web host also provides web development so they can even answer questions about your website.
In Europe, it's different:
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With your requirements, i feel you can go with HostGator India's VPS plans. Pricing might be a bit more but they are totally worth the investment because their performance is fantastic. Downtime is nil and storage and resources are never a problem.


I've never in my life had so much technical support. Exmasters.com is reliable option to deal with.
The service itself seems to be faster than other hosts I've used in the past. Double RAM or HD space with any VPS or dedicated plan (using code "dbram" or "dbhdd").


VPSCheap.net is the best for you. They offer a wide range of VPS Hosting including Linux and Windows servers, as well as web-hosting solutions. Also, they provide outstanding uptime and reliability to all their customers 24/7.
We specialize in offering a wide range of VPS products including Linux and Windows servers.


When choosing a VPS hosting provider, it is important to consider a number of factors, including pricing, features, and availability.
Some of the most important considerations include the size and type of server offered, the level of customer support available, the platform used (Windows or Linux), and payment options. Additionally, it is important to verify that the chosen provider has experience with your desired project or application.
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I agree. I always try not to keep all eggs in the same basket. I use http://libertyvps.net/ and https://www.kvchosting.net/.

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