Enable/Disable Windows Automatic Updates in Windows Server 2016

In Windows Server 2016, Microsoft has removed direct option to change Windows updates settings. In this article, we will explain how can you enable/disable Windows automatic updates in Windows Server 2016.

By default in Windows Server 2016, Windows updates are set to download only. If you wish to change it to install updates automatically, you can use sconfig utility to change this option. Following are the steps to change Windows updates setting on Windows Server 2016:

[1] Open Windows command prompt and type the following command:


You will get a screen as shown in the following image:


[2] Check the setting for option 5 which is “Windows Update Settings”. By default, it should be “DownloadOnly“.

[3] Press 5 to change the Windows update settings and you will get the options as shown in the following image:

sconfing change Windows update

Following options are available to select:

(A)utomatic – This option will install updates automatically.
(D)ownloadOnly – This option will download the updates only.
(M)anual updates – This option will disable updates and you will need to check and install updates manually.

To set Windows Server 2016 to install updates automatically, type A and hit Enter key. You will get a pop up message stating that Windows updates will be installed automatically.

Enable/Disable Windows Automatic Updates in Windows Server 2016

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