BetterLinux Vulnerability in version 1.1.3-1

BetterLinux Vulnerability

BetterLinux is collection of tools for system resource monitoring, management and security for the hosting providers, data centers, cloud environments. Using BetterLinux, you can control use and allocation of CPU, Memory, MySQL, device I/O bandwidth. It creates isolated environment and it throttles the resources if individual users exceeds the allocated resources. This makes shared hosting environment more stable.

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BetterLinux with cPanel had arbitrary command execution and file access vulnerabilities.

Since BetterLinux Vulnerability was allowing arbitrary command execution, it could lead to a privilege escalation as the commands are executed as root. Due to this, this vulnerability was rated as critical.

Using BetterLinux file access vulenrability, it could be used to show sensitive files behind directories otherwise not accessible. It is also possible to read the file which contains MySQL root password using symlink attack but any file such as /etc/shadow could also be accessed.

Both vulnerabilities were tested against BetterLinux version 1.1.3-1. Due to nature of this vulnerabilities, it is highly recommend that you upgrade it as soon as possible. Both vulnerabilities were patched in BetterLinux 1.1.4-2.

BetterLinux is used by many web hosting companies. Since it allows to restrict the resources per user, it makes shared hosting environment more stable and secure.

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