R-fx Networks BFD – Log Forging (Deny IP) Vulnerability

BFD log forging Vulnerability

BFD is a modular shell script for parsing application logs and checking for authentication failures. It does this using a rules system where application specific options are stored including regular expressions for each unique auth format.

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Through the use of log forging, it is possible to trick BFD into blocking any IP range (E.g: which could easily result in a malicious user creating a DoS against the server by blocking every single IPv4 address with minimal effort.

This vulnerability was tested against R-fx Networks BFD 1.5 and is believed to exist in all versions prior to the fixed builds.

This vulnerability was patched in R-fx Networks BFD 1.5-1, however, the ability to maliciously block a *single* IP address remains. Please read the following forum post for mitigation suggestions:


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  1. Kailash

    This vulnerability depends on log spoofing hence it is existed in all scripts which depend on logs to find failed login attempts i.e. CSF, BFD, Fail2ban etc.

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