vePortal Security Warning – Alternative for vePortal

vePortal Security Warning As recently BurstNET announced that they were closing the services as of July 25th 2014, there is little or no more chance for the active development for vePortal. It is highly recommended to find the alternative control panel in place of vePortal. There are many root level security vulnerabilities present in vePortal, […]

SpamExperts cPanel Plugin – Arbitrary File Overwrite

SpamExperts cPanel Plugin – Arbitrary File Overwrite SpamExperts provides managed email security in the cloud or on premises, Incoming email filtering, outgoing email filtering and email archiving. SpamExperts also offers integration with prominent control panels like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin. Vulnerability Description: Reecntly there was a vulnerability discovered in their cPanel plugin which allows arbitrary file […]

ArcticDesk v1.2.6 Security update

ArcticDesk v1.2.6 ArcticDesk is helpdesk software used to provide support to end users. Recently ArcticDesk has release a security update ArcticDesk v1.2.6 to address security issues in the previous versions. It is highly recommended that you upgrade your ArcticDesk version to latest version as soon as possible. The following issues were addressed in ArcticDesk v1.2.6: […]

ClientExec 5.0.2 Released – Security Updates

ClientExec 5.0.2 Released ClientExec is billing automation system used by many web host. Apart from WHMCS, ClientExec is being used by many web host for the automation. Using ClientExec it is possible to integrate hosting control panels and domain resellers to auto provision the services. In previous month, Clientexec has released ClientExec 5.0.2. This release […]

EasyApache 3.24.22 Released – Security update

EasyApache 3.24.22 Released cPanel has released EasyApache 3.24.22 with PHP 5.4.30 and 5.5.14. This release addresses multiple PHP vulnerabilities in the PHP and the fileinfo, Network and SPL modules. It is recommended that you recompile your PHP and Apache using EasyApache and upgrade your PHP version to PHP 5.4.30 and PHP 5.5.14. Affected Versions: All […]

cPanel TSR-2014-0004 Announcement

cPanel TSR-2014-0004 Announcement cPanel has released new builds for all public update tiers. These updates provide targeted changes to address security concerns with the cPanel & WHM product. These builds are currently available to all customers via the standard update system. cPanel has rated these updates as having security impact levels ranging from Minor to […]

Blesta Security Advisory – Two-Factor and Privilege Issues

Blesta Security Advisory Blesta is an automated billing and invoicing system used by many web hosting companies. Apart from WHMCS, Blesta is now being used for hosting automation. Blesta has released a security update to address two-factor and provolege issues. Affected Versions Versions 3.0.0 through 3.1.3 are affected. Description A user with a valid username […]

KernelCare Update for CVE-2014-0196

KernelCare Update for CVE-2014-0196 KernelCare is a product created by the CloudLinux team that allows you to apply updates without having to reboot your server. An update for KernelCare has been released to address CVE-2014-0196. The update closes a Denial of Service and command execution vulnerability present in some Linux kernels. Following issues had been […]

cPanel/WHM 11.38 EOL Notice

cPanel/WHM 11.38 EOL Notice As previously announced in March cPanel/WHM 11.38 EOL notice, cPanel/WHM 11.38 is now reached to End Of Life. cPanel/WHM 11.38 will continue functioning on servers. The last release of cPanel & WHM 11.38,, will remain on their mirrors indefinitely. You may continue using this last release, but no further updates, […]