CloudFlare acquired StopTheHacker

CloudFlare acquired StopTheHacker

On February 24, 2014, StopTheHacker announced that they have been acquired by CloudFlare, the web performance & security company.

WHMCS Complete Billing and Support

StopTheHacker are providing services to protect your website from the hack. They offer the following features.

[1] .htaccess Hack Detection.
[2] All pages get checked, every time.
[3] Artificial Intelligence: We find security threats before everyone else does.
[4] Automatic Malware Cleanup.
[5] Blacklist and Reputation Monitoring.
[6] External Link Scan.
[7] Facebook Protection.
[8] FTP Scanning.
[9] Fully automated scans with email alerts – Weekly, Daily, Hourly or Continuous.
[10] Insecure Folder Permissions Detection.
[11] Malicious Change Detection.
[12] Malware Detection: Protects your website from malware & hackers.
[13] Phishing Page Detection.
[14] PHP Spam Shell Detection.
[15] Quality Check.
[16] Scan Subdomains.
[17] Scan Top Level Domains.
[18] Speed Monitoring.
[19] StopTheHacker Trust Seal.
[20] Uptime Monitoring.
[21] Vulnerability Assessment.
[22] Webpage Defacement Detection.
[23] Website Error Reporting.

Though CloudFlare acquired StopTheHacker, they will continue to work as it always has and they will continue to develop StopTheHacker product line. The entire StopTheHacker development team is joining CloudFlare.

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