CloudLinux CageFS 5.4.1 Released – Security update

CloudLinux is a commercial operating system and it is being used by almost all web hosting providers. This is ideal for shared hosting server to provide more robust, secure and stable hosting services on shared server.

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CloudLinux also provides additional modules and software to provide additional security and features. One of the security feature is CageFS. CageFS is a virtualized file system and a set of tools to contain each user in its own ‘cage’. Each customer will have its own fully functional CageFS, with all the system files, tools, etc.

CloudLinux CageFS security update

Recently they released an update to CageFS to address a critical security issue in /tmp hardening. They released CageFS 5.4.1 to fix this vulnerability:

How to upgrade?

The process is straight forward. You just need to execute to following command as a root user to update it:

$ yum update cagefs

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