cPanel & WHM 11.42 Now EOL

cPanel & WHM software version 11.42 has now reached End of Life.

WHMCS Complete Billing and Support

As always, cPanel announced EOL for cPanel 11.42 before three months ago. For more details, refer cPanel 11.42 to EOL in 3 Months.

cPanel 11.42 will continue functioning on the servers. The last release of cPanel & WHM 11.42,, will remain on their mirrors indefinitely. However, no further updates, such as security fixes and installations, will be provided for cPanel 11.42. Older releases of cPanel & WHM 11.42 will be removed from their mirrors.

If your server setup complicates the process of migrating to a newer version of cPanel & WHM, then cPanel will help you to upgrade your installation. Simply open a support ticket at so that their knowledgeable support team can provide recommendations, migration assistance, and more.

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