DirectAdmin 1.45.0 Released – Security Update

DirectAdmin 1.45.0

DirectAdmin is a hosting control panel used by many web hosting companies for Linux server.

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Directadmin has released a new version DirectAdmin 1.45.0. This is a security release, as well as many new features and bug fixes. It is recommended that you upgrade your DirectAdmin version to DirectAdmin 1.45.0 as soon as possible.

You can follow the below steps to upgrade your DirectAdmin:

[1] Login to your DirectAdmin control panel using admin credential.
[2] Go to Admin Level -> Licenses/Updates -> Update DirectAdmin.

If you face any problem, it is also possible to upgrade it manually. You can refer the following URL to upgrade it manually:

Following are the complete list of bug fixes and new features added in DirectAdmin 1.45.0.

[1] Ability to delete old majordomo archives – Feature
[2] Per-user count_pop_usage user.conf setting – Feature
[3] Ability to set an IPv6 IP in the spf/txt records by default (TEMPLATES) – Feature
[4] Allow domain exceptions to the check_subdomain_owner – Feature
[5] Ability to skip backup paths from the home.tar.gz – Feature
[6] Byass dns for Multi Server Setup clustering (SKINS) – Feature
[7] Custom Stats Path – Feature
[8] Alternate email for high-volume messages – Feature
[9] max_read_to_memory_size to limit big files – Feature
[10] ajax for password check and username check (SKINS) – Feature
[11] Email a notice to email account if email limit reached – Feature
[12] Ability to specify a dynamic dated append value in backup paths (SKINS) – Feature
[13] Minor CSS tweaks to Enhanced and power_user (SKINS) – Feature
[14] Limit the tracking of message IDs – Bugfix
[15] Add rewrite inherit for cli when use_hostname_for_alias is used. (TEMPLATES) – Bugfix
[16] Disable SSL Renegotiations (SECURITY) – Bugfix
[17] High dataskq load for tally on accounts with many email sends – Bugfix
[18] Enforce disabled CMD_LOGIN for commands.allow/deny (SECURITY) – Bugfix
[19] Error in memory re-sizng (SECURITY) – Bugfix
[20] Added extra IPs to updates list – Bugfix

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