HostBill v22-02-2014 released

HostBill v22-02-2014 released

HostBill has released a new version to address few bugs from the previous version. Apart from WHMCS, HostBill is one of the widely used billing and support automation software by many web hosting companies.

WHMCS Complete Billing and Support

Following are the released note for HostBill v22-02-2014 released.

HostBill changes
[Adminarea] Added: Its now possible to set discount per TLD in client groups.

Bugs Fixed
[Adminarea] Can’t reset filters in ticket views.
[Adminarea] Slow page loads when using ticket views with tag filters.
[Adminarea] Automatic task schedule / adding new task takes very long time to finish.
[Adminarea] Invoice with tax exemption shows calculated tax in invoices.
[Adminarea] Tag summary on the left side is not updated when adding new tags.
[Adminarea] Closing Profile Has no effect.
[Adminarea] Estimates: status is replaced on PDF with } char.
[Adminarea] Estimates: linetotal variable is not loaded in PDF template.
[Adminarea] Tickets: Filtering tickets by body throws sql exception.
[Adminarea] Income in client details is not calculated.
[Module] Cloudstack: CreateVM progress bar do not show after latest update.
[Module] Cloudstack: Broken image URLs in client GUI.
[Clientarea] ModernPanel theme: Clientarea link is not working when not logged in.
[Clientarea] Squarebox orderpage – plans over 4th are not styled properly.
[Clientarea] MetroBill: Tickets view is covered by sidemenu.

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