HostBill Version 02-09-2014 released

HostBill is a complete client management, billing and support  system used by many web hosting companies.

WHMCS Complete Billing and Support

Recently they have released an update to address few bug fixes and new features. Following are the list of features and bug fixes address in HostBill Version 02-09-2014:


  • Added option to sort Knowledge base categories and articles.
  • Added option to assign staff member to order
  • Added more options to filter clients
  • Added credit card changes to client log

Bugs Fixed:

  • 1409420680 [Automation] Services are not unsuspended on payment
  • 1407629303 [Beanstream] Payments fail if Province is not entered as 2-letters code
  • 1409028561 [Adminarea] 35.95 and simmilar numbers are rounded up in GUI only to values like 35.96
  • 1409028679 [Plugin] Switch_telnet module shows new version is available and breaks autoupdate plugins
  • 1409126637 [Autoupgrade] After HostBill upgrade failed info about new plugin versions show up to be upgraded is shown
  • 1409160686 [Automation] Importing tickets when using more than one import emails from POP fails with connection issue
  • 1407539322 1407538955 [Support Fields] Some sections added by this plugin couldn’t be translated
  • 1409554730 [Cloudstack] Storage limit should use single vm limits if account limit is not set
  • 1407266736 [Cloudytheme] Form validation message on sing-up cant be translated
  • 1407266981 [Cloudytheme] Added missing translations
  • 1407267438 [Cart] Contact validation errors on SSL order pages cant be translated
  • 1407327996 [Clientarea] PowerDNS service management cant be translated
  • 1407659346 [Clientarea] Info Pages are not listed / linked in client theme.
  • 1407266981 [Clientarea] Logs displayed in client area can’t be translated

You can upgrade your existing HostBill version to HostBill Version 02-09-2014 to fix the above bugs.

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