HostBill Version 11-09-2014 released

HostBill has released a new version HostBill Version 11-09-2014 and it is available to download for their clients.

WHMCS Complete Billing and Support

Following are the changelog for HostBill Version 11-09-2014:

Plugin: Upload Documents: Activate plugin to upload documents
Plugin: Upload Documents: Configure Form element to upload documents
Plugin: Upload Documents: Form field to upload documents in order page
Plugin: Upload Documents: Uploading documents to order using drag & drop
Plugin: Upload Documents: Staff member browse trough customer-provided documents

Bugs Fixed

1410176656 [Automation] Invoice numeration does not reset each month with EU model and delayed numeration enabled
1408019334 [Modules] Plugins and Gateway names can now be translated using translation tags
1407852150 [General] Call to undefined method PDOStatement_mysql::fetchColumn() on some pages
1408019333 [Status updates] Month and day names cant be translated
1408028414 [General] Duplicating products/fields may render some fields unusable in client area
1408353442 [Billing] Invoice item queue show wrong client currency
1408055410 [Support] Ticket notification sent for tickets created by staff is always in English
1410166769 [Support] Ticket time tracking doesn’t recalculate charges to client currency
1408024650 [Clientarea] Edit label page has untranslated text in input placeholder
1408400234 [Virtualizor] Suspending fails even when server is already suspended
1408667138 [Orders] Cancelling renewal order will cancel related invoice even when other services are on that invoice.
1408667955 [Cloudytheme] Dropdown menu layout breaks after 2nd click
1408721508 [Billing] Order is not cancelled with invoice when related domain expires
1408727722 [Domains] Records with quotes break DNS management
1408740518 [Support] Word “minutes” in average response time cant be translated
1408810311 [Domains] Enom module doesn’t use domain contacts for registrations
1408990075 [Dedicated server manager] Custom labels are not displaying when assigning pdu / switch

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