More Downtime for HostGator and BlueHost Customers as Router Issues Plague Utah Data Center

More Downtime for HostGator and BlueHost Customers

In December 2013, there was an outage in all EIG Brands BlueHost, JustHots HostGator outage.

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On April 16, 2014, BlueHost and HostGator have been hit by another outage. According to HostGator, it was an issue with router in their Provo, UT, data center. Many HostGator and BlueHost clients were affected by this network outage. Due to this outage some HostGator as well as BlueHost websites were also affected. HostGator is providing updates via their forum. Following is their latest update at 11:57 PM GMT -6:

“The NetOps Team is reporting that they’re making steady progress toward restoring connectivity for all customers. While we are not yet able to provide an ETA, the team is working to resolve an issue with our network configuration — and that it’s now isolated to a fairly small group of customers. Please know that everyone at HostGator, from our CEO to our support agents, is engaged in either resolving the issue or supporting our customers. “

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