cPanel 11.40 Now EOL, cPanel 11.42 to EOL in 3 Months

cPanel & WHM software version 11.40 has now reached End of Life. In accordance with their EOL policy [], 11.40 will continue functioning on servers. The last release of cPanel & WHM 11.40,, will remain on their mirrors indefinitely. However, no further updates, such as security fixes and installations, will be provided for 11.40. […]

WP eCommerce WordPress Plugin Security update

WP eCommerce is WordPress plugin used by eCommerce web site to sell products online. There is a medium severity vulnerability discovered in the WordPress WP eCommerce plugin. The vulnerability has been patched and if you are using the plugin we encourage you to update at your earliest convenience. The security issue was patched in version […]

Idera Server Backup Manager (R1Soft) – Session Fixation Vulnerability

Idera Server Backup Manager is an affordable, high-performance, disk-to-disk backup software for Linux and Windows servers. (This software was previously more commonly known as R1Soft Backup.) Vulnerability Description: It is possible for a malicious user to clone an authenticated user / admin session which could result in unauthorized access. Impact: The vulnerability was rated as […]

EasyApache 3.26.9 Released

EasyApache 3.26.9 was released with PHP versions 5.4.34 and 5.5.18 and libxml2 version 2.9.2. This release addresses vulnerabilities related to CVE-2014-3669, CVE-2014-3670, CVE-2014-3668, CVE-2014-3660, and CVE-2014-0191 by fixing bugs in the Core, Exif, and XMLRPC modules and in libxml2. It is strongly recommended all PHP 5.4 users to upgrade to PHP version 5.4.34 and all […]

Bash security update for CloudLinux

There was a critical vulnerability existed on all Bash package shipped with Red Hat. This affects all servers using RHEL 4, RHEL 5, RHEL 6 and RHEL 7. CentOS and CloudLinux servers were also affected by this. CloudLinux has released an update for Bash package to address this. The update the fixes bash remote vulnerability […]

Bash Code Injection Vulnerability – Bash Security Update

Red Hat has been made aware of a vulnerability affecting all versions of the bash package as shipped with Red Hat products. This vulnerability CVE-2014-6271 could allow for arbitrary code execution. Certain services and applications allow remote unauthenticated attackers to provide environment variables, allowing them to exploit this issue. A flaw was found in the […]

StyleX Networks Inc. will be closing on 9/30/2014

StyleX Networks was one of the VPS providers. Recently they announced that they will be closing the business as on 09/30/2014. They notified their clients to secure the backup of their data. Following was the notifications sent to their clients: Dear clients, StyleX Networks Inc. will be closing on 9/30/2014. Please note that all services […]

WHMCS 5.3.10 released

WHMCS has announced the availability of WHMCS 5.3.10. Following issues were addressed: Maintenance Case #2624 – Correct Project Management Task links in Calendar Case #2625 – Prevent next due date showing in emails for One Time and Free cycles Case #2643 – Remove End-of-Life Google Checkout Gateway Case #2686 – Ensure accented chars are not […]

Onapp acquired SolusVM

OnApp has just acquired SolusVM, the virtual server management system. The SolusVM team and the SolusVM product are now part of the OnApp family. Why have they done this? SolusVM is a very different product to OnApp. It’s focused on simple, no-frills VM deployment – no failover, no autoscaling, no storage flexibility, no CDN and […]