StyleX Networks Inc. will be closing on 9/30/2014

StyleX Networks was one of the VPS providers. Recently they announced that they will be closing the business as on 09/30/2014.

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They notified their clients to secure the backup of their data. Following was the notifications sent to their clients:

Dear clients,

StyleX Networks Inc. will be closing on 9/30/2014. Please note that all services will be terminated on 9/30/2014, please take any and all necessary back ups to prevent data loss. StyleX Networks will not be responsible for any data loss.

During this duration no payments are required.


StyleX Networks Inc.
Simple yet professional!

If you are StyleX Networks clients, you will have to act immediately to secure your data.

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  1. Robert J Turner

    Whats happening to the customer base? might be a good alternative.

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