vePortal Security Warning – Alternative for vePortal

vePortal Security Warning

As recently BurstNET announced that they were closing the services as of July 25th 2014, there is little or no more chance for the active development for vePortal. It is highly recommended to find the alternative control panel in place of vePortal.

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There are many root level security vulnerabilities present in vePortal, some of which do not require an active account to exploit. In other words, someone could write a botnet to automatically scan the internet looking for vePortal installations and compromise all of them with next to no effort.

If you are using vePortal, do not take this lightly. Your data is at risk and there is no possibility of any security patch coming in the future. There are few suggestions as follow:


This is a general vePortal security warning. It is adivsable to migrate to other conrtol panel as soon as you can.

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