WHMCS 5.3.10 released

WHMCS has announced the availability of WHMCS 5.3.10. Following issues were addressed:

WHMCS Complete Billing and Support


Case #2624 – Correct Project Management Task links in Calendar
Case #2625 – Prevent next due date showing in emails for One Time and Free cycles
Case #2643 – Remove End-of-Life Google Checkout Gateway
Case #2686 – Ensure accented chars are not encoded when editing email templates
Case #2691 – Refresh config options pricing on cycle changes in ajax order forms
Case #2792 – Allow users to press enter to submit forms with configurable options
Case #2875 – Allow domain validation hooks to run using Ajax Order templates
Case #2888 – Improve logic around session persistence
Case #3049 – Only show default language categories in insert knowledgebase link popup
Case #3173 – Correct pricing display on comparison template only showing Monthly
Case #3209 – Add Domain Transfer Completed Email Template
Case #3242 – Allow existing IDN domains to be managed through LogicBoxes modules
Case #3244 – Require Unique Transaction ID when adding manual payment
Case #3267 – Correct Total Recurring showing for One Time addons on Comparison Template
Case #3548 – Fix date period shown on initial anniversary prorata invoices
Case #4025 – Ensure setup fee cannot be less than zero
Case #4208 – Fix intelligent search not working on Client Billable Items in Admin
Case #4210 – Mass Pay Invoices to ignore Separate Invoices configuration
Case #4322 – Show Success on Admin Contact Details Editing
Case #4325 – Update Late Fees to apply on the day not the day after
Case #4338 – Correct and Translate Credit Messages on Invoice in Admin Area
Case #4377 – Correct affiliate not shown when referral removed on first product
Case #4382 – Process Paid Invoice when adding Transaction from Billing menu
Case #4441 – Implement support for addon related merge fields in Mass Mailer
Case #4689 – Save affiliate checkbox setting when adding a new contact
Case #4690 – Remove Reset and Send Password link when subaccount not enabled
Case #4708 – Configurable Options Unlimited Setting Invalid with Minimum
Case #4718 – Invoice now always respects admin choice of gateway for display
Case #4721 – Remove pricing slabs when deleting client groups
Case #4730 – Remove pricing data when deleting a TLD
Case #4840 – Redirect to invoice on no payment gateway redirect
Case #4911 – Remove hardcoded subject in view email client template
Case #4917 – Fix bundle product links in boxes order form template
Case #4957 – Remove superflouous div tag in password reset validation page
Case #4966 – Remove references to chmod from installer errors
Case #4979 – Modify default invoice sorting to status desc. then due date asc.
Case #5058 – Add domain addons to Bulk Pricing Updater domains update criteria
Case #5058 – Add support for relative price increases to Bulk Pricing Updater
Case #5058 – Redesign and ajaxify Bulk Pricing Update Tool
Case #5077 – Perform Two-Factor Auth prior to re-hash check
Case #5079 – Handle quote characters in charts data appropriately for PHP 5.2
Case #5083 – Notify admins upon detection of admin directory configuration issue
Case #5096 – Update whois server for .ws TLDs
Case #5099 – Ensure Bulk WHOIS Update passes phone number on save
Case #5100 – Update change license key page to use new admin auth class
Case #5128 – Fix server connection test for existing servers


Case #2678 – OpenSRS: Send 0 year transfer period for .ES domains
Case #2716 – Enom: Improve error detection and handling
Case #3094 – Project Management: Allow removal of client association
Case #3095 – OVH: Correct legal type sent for admin contacts
Case #3443 – DirectAdmin: Update to obtain Reseller Usage Statistics
Case #3514 – PayPal Pro Reference Payments: Update reference after each success
Case #3695 – MaxMind: Improve error handling
Case #3976 – Optimal Payments: Improvements to 3D Secure logic handling
Case #4093 – WorldPay: Update test mode URL
Case #4321 – Enom: Improve error reporting upon invalid WHOIS contact info
Case #4386 – Boleto: Ensure all filates use the utf-8 encoding charset
Case #4720 – ResellerClub: Update privacy protection to use purchase-privacy parameter
Case #5054 – ResellerClub: Auto renew ID protection with domain if enabled
Case #5054 – ResellerClub: Update ID Protect toggle to use new purchase parameter
Case #5180 – PayPal: Add User Agent to PayPal callback requests


Case #3369 – CreateInvoice: Log auto credit application at time of creation
Case #4451 – SendEmail: Improve error reporting
Case #5094 – Add toggle setting for API Authentication logging to Admin Log
Case #5153 – UpdateClient: Prevent fatal error on clearing credit card

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