WHMCS v5.3.13 released

WHMCS has released WHMCS v5.3.13. This is a maintenance release for WHMCS v5.3.x branch.

WHMCS Complete Billing and Support

This release contains an update to the GlobalSign SSL certificate options. On March 30th, 2015, GlobalSign removed the ability to register certificates for 4 and 5 years. For more information, you refer GlobalSign blog post.

WHMCS v5.3.13 released

Following is the changelog:


CORE-6719 (#3721) – Custom Fields incorrectly created when changing the product if field values are empty
CORE-7122 (#4373) – Better handling of invalid email error condition when view Admin -> General Settings
CORE-7867 (#5474) – Implement VAT MOSS report for 2015 EU Tax Rules
CORE-8307 – Refine price for upgrades where the cost per month is the same
CORE-8322 – Update .ke WHOIS server listings
CORE-8328 – Opening ticket as Admin may incorrectly validate recipient’s email address
CORE-8342 – Add missing Italian province Medio Campidano for drop down selection
CORE-8346 – Contact Form shows validation error on load
CORE-8348 – Properly show value of “Prevent Email Reopening” in General Setting
CORE-8349 – Enforce HTTPS connection for “New Version” popup
CORE-8350 – Prevent error condition when performing Upgrading with configurable options as an Admin
CORE-8351 – Resolve improper assignment to Smarty {$domain_days_until_nextdue}
CORE-8352 – Email Template Domain Expiry Notice phrasing improvements
CORE-8354 – Delete Order erroneously prevents actions for orders in ‘cancelled’ and ‘fraud’ state
CORE-8365 – Properly filter on “Client Name” for Domains, Services, Invoices, and Transactions reports
CORE-8368 – Update .no WHOIS server listings
CORE-8383 – Save ‘yesno’ options for modules as on/off
CORE-8405 – Generate error on Transfer if domain already on tagged to the Nominet account
CORE-8421 – Update .ninja WHOIS server listings
CORE-8453 – Present Currency selection after VAT Moss Report is generated


MODULE-5969 (#4461) – Add support for .us additional domain fields to ResellOne
MODULE-5990 (#5138) – Update Skrill to use unique id per transaction attempt
MODULE-6048 (#3220) – Update OpenSRS Registrant Information definition for IT
MODULE-6099 (#5060) – Correctly pass ‘es_legalform’ for Enom
MODULE-6106 (#5434) – MaxMind option to not send City so unsupported/accented cities not erroneous flagged
MODULE-6182 (#3923) – Update NameCheap Module to Latest
MODULE-6203 – Enforce SSL for MaxMind communication
MODULE-6224 – Update accepted languages Portuguese & Mongolian for ResellerClub/LogicBoxes
MODULE-6228 – Update EU VAT handling and reporting for Included Non-EU member regions
MODULE-6233 – Correctly use ‘Convert To Currency’ with 2Checkout recurring payments
MODULE-6236 – Allow translation of clientarea login button for CentovaCast
MODULE-6241 – Remove 4 and 5 Year options from the GlobalSign SSL Modules


CORE-8336 – Prevent fatal error condition when opening ticket as Admin via OpenTicket API
CORE-8339 – Allow additional information, such as client group id, to be available via AddClient hook
CORE-8388 – Ensure number of invoices created is returned for GenInvoices API


CORE-8353 – More accurate adminarea translation of ‘loading’ in Russian
CORE-8382 – Add clientarea translation for Estonian

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