WHMCS V5.3.7 Released

WHMCS V5.3.7 Released

WHMCS is a hosting billing and support automation used by many web hosting companies.

WHMCS Complete Billing and Support

WHMCS has released a maintenance update for the previous release WHMCS V5.3.6. This is a maintenance release addressing over 100 cases. As always, they have released a patch set as well as full update. If you are using WHMCS V5.3.6, you can download patch set. You can refer our article Upgrade WHMCS to apply this patch or perform full upgrade.

The following issues were addressed in WHMCS V5.3.7 released:


Case #2719 – Display an error message when Duplicate TLD requirements are not met
Case #2996 – Update to treat credit removal like a refund
Case #3251 – Prevent duplicate domain names from being added to the cart
Case #3331 – Add InvoiceCreation Hook Point
Case #3879 – WHOIS Server Definition Updates
Case #3973 – Performance Optimisations to Annual Income Report
Case #3973 – Performance Optimisations to Daily Performance Report
Case #3973 – Performance Optimisations to Monthly Transactions Report
Case #3973 – Performance Optimisations to Support Ticket Replies Report
Case #3991 – Improve Product Assigned Downloads Logic
Case #4134 – Make client links from admin ticket view open in a new tab
Case #4230 – Ensure AfterModuleChangePackage Hook is called on package change
Case #4239 – Allow ticket email import number limit to be configured
Case #4248 – Add support for leading zeros in Sequential Paid Invoice Numbering
Case #4297 – Add number of recipients to mass mail tool
Case #4303 – Redesigned admin email template listing interface
Case #4339 – Apply Global Email CSS Styling to email body
Case #4396 – Allow pipe character to overload configurable options value
Case #4462 – Validate CVV length on order form, admin and client pages


Case #3027 – UpdateAnnouncement: Fix creating new announcements
Case #3271 – General: Preserve pricing when using API via hook at checkout
Case #3497 – AddClient: Validate locked email addresses
Case #4089 – GetClientsProducts: Fix for configurable options with dropdown and radio button
Case #4142 – GetClients: Update to only use search value when supplied
Case #4168 – AddClient: Saves custom fields when there is an error and no validation
Case #4206 – UpdateClient: Add support to clear stored credit card data
Case #4227 – AddOrder: Improve validation of requests
Case #4292 – GetActivityLog: Update to not apply HTML linking unless requested
Case #4388 – AddOrder: Check the status of domains being renewed
Case #4404 – GetActivityLog: Now returns activity logs for a specific user
Case #4484 – UpdateInvoice: Fix error message when line item updates are present


Case #2687 – [Moneybookers] Update Moneybookers name to Skrill
Case #3031 – [Nominet] Clarification of error message when Registrant name is missing
Case #3416 – [AsiaPay] Update AsiaPay module to latest API version
Case #3608 – [e-path] Remove special characters from epath gateway description field
Case #3651 – [Register.com] Correct State/Province usage
Case #4031 – [eNom] Certificate List updated
Case #4190 – [TransIP] Improve RSA key detection
Case #4218 – [OnlineNic] Add support for .me registration
Case #4248 – [EU VAT Addon] Add support for leading zeros in custom invoice number
Case #4263 – [WHMSonic] Improve error handling for login failure
Case #4267 – [DirectAdmin] CSF Plugin IP Blacklist Compatibility Update
Case #4341 – [Register.com] Fix nameserver updating
Case #4369 – [Payza] Currency conversion issue for callback and update test URL resolved
Case #4375 – [Yubico] Two-Factor validation routine update
Case #4384 – [eNom] Check expiration status before renewing a domain
Case #4385 – [GlobalSign] Add support for SSL provisioning over 4 years
Case #4392 – [PayPal] Resolve entity encoding issue in PayPal Payments Pro 3D Secure callback
Case #4393 – [Plesk] Update for improved legacy account compatibility
Case #4397 – [eNom] Normalize postcode handling for Canada
Case #4405 – [eNom] RegistrantStateProvinceChoice now set correctly
Case #4444 – [Register.com] Improve parsing of status codes
Case #4480 – [PayPal Express] Ensure SystemURL is available to modules


Case #2609 – Add translatable strings to multiple product sub-systems
Case #2609 – Add support to translate password strength in client area
Case #2723 – Update Danish language file
Case #3208 – Update Dutch language translation & add partial admin translation
Case #3352 – Update Arabic language file
Case #3522 – Update Hungarian translation for client area and add admin translation
Case #4162 – Enable translation of the Quotes Admin Interface
Case #4333 – Update Norwegian Translation of Invoice

Bug Fixes

Case #2590 – Highlight network status notices for clients servers correctly
Case #2695 – Update on order form auto populates saved security question value
Case #2771 – Preserve client selection before adding a predefined product to a quote
Case #2865 – Fix pie charts not displaying correctly under some conditions
Case #2878 – Check for failed status for ResellerClub
Case #2881 – Improve Ajax Cart Summary updates
Case #2976 – Add log entry when API is used to close a ticket
Case #3021 – Fix date range spacing issue within pdf export generation
Case #3066 – Fix currency shown for commissions in multi-currency affiliate referrals
Case #3191 – Display error when no KB articles are found using the default theme
Case #3231 – Send the Quote Accepted email after client accepts a quote
Case #3450 – Enforce create invoice permission within the Project Management addon
Case #3595 – Preserve action and new currency selection within domain registration
Case #3658 – Fix sticky notes edit link from admin view ticket page
Case #3920 – Allow currency conversion for configurable options with negative prices
Case #4005 – Remove extra closing div tag in domain details template file
Case #4087 – Hide the Transfer button when disabled in the admin are
Case #4090 – Update billable item description field with full value
Case #4131 – Fix reference to non-object in upgrade process
Case #4132 – reCAPTCHA fields re-order to match Google listing
Case #4135 – Fix syntax error occuring when trying to preview addon email
Case #4166 – Handle EPP Codes with special characters correctly
Case #4243 – Fix table sort in Link Tracking not persisting
Case #4300 – Remove duplicate display of the TLD by the domain checker
Case #4316 – Correct Domain Syncronisation Misspelling
Case #4320 – Add state dropdown to admin area client contact management
Case $4335 – General Settings page no longer errors on empty email address
Case #4357 – Prevent Fatal Error when deleting security question
Case #4360 – Resolve search error in the default theme downloads page
Case #4376 – Display credit card deletion as successful task instead of error
Case #4378 – Select All checkbox now affects only the proper table in Ticket System
Case #4379 – Send welcome email for all free selected addons after order is accepted
Case #4389 – Content Encoding setting from Mail settings now takes effect
Case #4406 – Show line breaks on custom text field values in printable support ticket view
Case #4413 – Update to only allow disabling Two-Factor Auth via admin client profile
Case #4414 – Remove Duplicate WHOIS Server Entries
Case #4427 – Add Missing Indian States
Case #4462 – Allow 4 digit American Express CVV codes in templates
Case #4466 – Fix email marketing list query within cron
Case #4473 – Ticket Attachment properly filters htaccess
Case #4509 – Resolve SQL error when changing package from admin area
Case #4517 – EU VAT Addon Invoice Numbers now start at 1

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