WHMCS V5.3.8 Released

WHMCS V5.3.8 Released

WHMCS has released a maintenance update for v5.3 version. They announced the availability of WHMCS v5.3.8. As always, they provided incremental update as well as full update for WHMCS v5.3.8. You can use incremental update only if you are using WHMCS v5.3.7.

WHMCS Complete Billing and Support

Following are the changelog for WHMCS v5.3.8:


Case #2565 – Display module provisioning results on mass order accept
Case #2807 – Resolve illegal string offset warning notice when sending an email
Case #3051 – Prevented non-active gateway from being assigned to items
Case #3345 – Change default subject of Credit Card Payment Due email
Case #3403 – Add IP and Hostname logging to User Details Change notification
Case #3445 – Replace fatal error condition with exception in invalid input detection
Case #3761 – Bulk Domain Whois Update Fails when selecting a contact
Case #3875 – Ensure View Support Ticket permission allows manage ticket actions
Case #4012 – Improve handling of missing or corrupted database
Case #4259 – Return missing create domain entries option to WHM Import Tool
Case #4344 – Email headers via cron/php-cli should fall back to configured domain
Case #4398 – Remove HTML logging on payment method change in client area
Case #4430 – Ensure 3D Secure process automatically redirects to gateway
Case #4485 – Correct Ticket Escalations priority translation handling
Case #4486 – Ensure special characters are entity decoded for addon modules
Case #4492 – Ensure consistent validation of email addresses
Case #4506 – Migrate custom field values on ajax department change
Case #4538 – Remove date paid value when invoice is marked unpaid
Case #4539 – Fix typo in ticket translation for all languages
Case #4541 – Ensure stored mail encoding value is supported prior to use
Case #4542 – Arabic Language Update
Case #4543 – Set the character set for all mbstring functions
Case #4544 – Preserve security question selection after an order error occurs
Case #4546 – Fix token gateway module client area update routine
Case #4547 – PW Strength Checker Not Translating or Displaying
Case #4552 – Fix mouse hover info graphic in some reports
Case #4558 – Fix email template delete button not working
Case #4564 – Fix Tickets Overview Widget graph not working without Income Widget
Case #4572 – Delete product custom values when an order is deleted
Case #4576 – Ensure question mark is allowed in Email Addresses
Case #4594 – Select current option when changing config options with a setup fee
Case #4596 – Fix month/year navigation links in reports under certain conditions
Case #4597 – Attachment encoding lost on multiple POP email import
Case #4601 – Remove price from configurable option value in product details
Case #4606 – Add Spanish Translations for Quote Management
Case #4659 – Add ability to specify a contact for admin domain registration orders
Case #4663 – Fix blank PDF attachment in Quote Acceptance email
Case #4677 – Add support for all currently supported Organisation Types to .uk domains
Case #4706 – Add support for reports to exist and be used within modules
Case #4707 – Added support for stacked graph chart types and implement to PM Addon
Case #4736 – Disabling editing of client name and email on open ticket client select
Case #4784 – Implement HTTP Status Response Codes to the API
Case #4828 – Ensure configurable option values are valid at checkout


Case #4271 – Update QuantumVault to require SSLv3 for connections
Case #4364 – Project Managment Addon: Fix project tasks chart not displaying
Case #4549 – EU VAT Addon: Sequential numbers don’t apply when custom numbering enabled
Case #4615 – PayFlow Pro: Force 3D Secure to use SSLv3
Case #4643 – Plesk: Add support for Plesk 12


Case #3169 – Enom: Add support for .fr additional attributes
Case #4231 – Add .uk whois server definition
Case #4469 – Add .ee whois server definition
Case #4524 – Nominet: Pass Address 2 field when creating contact if set
Case #4561 – Add new gTLD whois server definitions
Case #4581 – Update WHOIS Server Definitions for .ac, .am, .as, .au, .aero and .ae TLDs
Case #4618 – Enom: Send all contact types with for domain registration
Case #4756 – Nominet: Add support for up to 3 address lines in WHOIS Editing


Case #4534 – Add Pre Cron Job Hook Point (PreCronJob)
Case #4534 – Add After Cron Job Hook Point (AfterCronJob)
Case #4580 – Fix InvoiceCreationPreEmail hook not being run
Case #4633 – Add PreRegistrar*/AfterRegistrar* Hook Points


Case #3400 – UpdateClientDomain: Allow toggling of addon fields
Case #4501 – AcceptOrder: Correct formatting of service password
Case #4625 – UpdateInvoice: Ensure userid is set for new items
Case #4673 – GetClientsDetails: Require client ID or email
Case #4810 – GetClients: Add ability to specify sorting

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