How do I route my GoDaddy domain name to my Amazon EC2 web server?


I have few domains registered with Godaddy registrar. I have recently purchase Amazon EC2 service from Amazon. How can I point my Godaddy domains to my Amazon EC2 instance?

I am new to Amazon EC2 cloud.


There are two ways as follow to point your domain to your Amazon EC2 server as follow:

[1] Use Godaddy’s DNS service

Since your domain is registered with Godaddy, you can continue using their DNS service and point “A” record for your website to your Amazon Ec2 server.

You will have to update “A” record for the following:

@ A Your Amazon Ec2 server IP

WWW A Your Amazon Ec2 server IP

If you have additional subdomains, you will need to add “A” record for them as well.

[2] Use Amazon’s DNS service

If it is possible to setup DNS server on your Amazon Ec2 server, you can add DNS server and register your private nameservers from your Godaddy’s control panel.

This will allow you to use your own DNS (like and Please note that before you use your private namservers, you will have to register them from your Godaddy’s control panel.

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