Softaculous WordPress installation error

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When I install WordPress with Softaculous, nothing happened. Softaculous say that WordPress is successful installed, but when I go to my website nothing changes and when I try to go to my wordpress admin panel, browser say that page doesn’t exist.


Please make sure that you have taken following steps correctly:

  • If you are accessing your install using domain name make sure that your website is pointing to correct server.
  • If there is any contents, remove installation from Softaculous and remove other contents from the same directory and attempt to install again.
  • Make sure that you are accessing the URL correctly. If you have installed in subfolder, subdomain, you will have to use the exact URL.

If it still does not work, you will have to contact your web hosting provider.

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How could I forget first point? I didn’t realize website is still not pointing to this server. Thanks again!

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