SMF H1 post title mod add H1 tag for each post. This mod will add your post title as H1 tag. This will help for SEO.

It is recommended that you add at least one H1 tag in your page. If you have linked your H1 tag to your forum title, you can edit your theme file to remove it and use this mod to add your post title as H1 tag.

H1 tag should be the title of the page. H1 is a header tag and your H1 tag should describe the page (usually title of the page). Please note that if your SMF theme is already adding H1 tag to forum title on each post, you will have to first remove H1 tag from your index template. It is not recommended to add two H1 tag in one page.

Download Link -> SMF H1 Post Title Mod

SMF H1 Post Title Mod